Droney and defense

Beaver County Times:

Palmer said that Droney’s future college coach, Davidson’s Bob McKillop, told the Sewickley star that while he was a very good offensive player, he needed to work on his defense if he wanted to play at the college level.

“He’s taken that to heart and he plays some kind of defense,” Palmer said. “We could have him going out there scoring 35 points per game and doing all those sorts of things, but we don’t because what he does for us means so much.”

“I want to guard the other team’s best player,” Droney said. “I’m taking pride in my defense this year and hopefully it will pay off.”

The Bounce: “Everyone has been talking about Tom Droney, this and that, and he averages 23 points per game. There are other guys in the area averaging more, but people don’t understand -- I believe he is the best player in the area.”

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