Thoughts at the half at McAlister

1. I like it when those big guys take (and make) threes. Or even just take them. 1. Because they’re good shots. 2. Because it feels like Davidson basketball. Makes me think of Landry shooting them, or Stephen Marshall, or Martin Ides, or ...

2. McKillop: “Steve! Singles!”

3. About two and a half minutes before the break: McKillop calls timeout. Draws something up. Two-man game on the left side with JP and Jake. Turns into two points. Ken came over to say that those two scored 16 of the Wildcats’ last 19 points. Noted.

4. That’s a pretty good half against a pretty good team in this league.

5. Also: nice little turnout in red here for a Thursday in the Lowcountry. Spotted in the stands: Hobby Cobb, Danny Smith, Lee Sargent, Big Steve Rossiter, the Barrs, the Archambaults, Will Bryan’s folks ...

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