Charleston 67, Davidson 55

1. At about the 13-minute mark of the second half Jake threw a pass off the backboard. It had no chance. About 10 seconds later JP threw a pass to Steve on the block. It had no chance. What? You thought Thursday night was going to happen over and over and again and again all the way until the day those two walk across that stage in front of Chambers? They’re good, they’re promising, they’re going to be a part of a lot of Davidson wins. In the meantime: some ups and downs.

2. One of the things I like about this team right now is that there are no cool points. None. There is no show.

3. This game, at Charleston, is arguably the toughest game in the Southern Conference right now, and it happened for this team -- this team -- on Dec. 5. It’s Dec. 5. It’s 20 days before Christmas. It’s three months before March.

4. Why do you watch?

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