Some thoughts from Davidson

1. Brendan is playing very fine basketball, and really hitting right now on those beautiful, backspun parabolas of his.

2. Another mostly unshowy but very effective night for Will: 10 points, 8 rebounds, 5 assists, zero turnovers.

3. The offensive statistics from last night were indicative of not only a capable offense but also an unbothered offense -- 47.5 percent from the floor, 43.3 percent from three, and both those numbers were higher for most of the game, and then of course the 21-to-9 assist-to-turnover ratio. At one point it was 21 to 6.

4. Those guys are better than their record. Doesn’t it feel like you keep hearing that from opposing players and coaches? Last night it was Penn guard Zack Rosen: “They’ve got confidence in what they do, and they stick to it. I don’t think they’ve lost to any chumps.”

5. McKillop: “Roles have been defined.”

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