The decade in Jayhawk sports

Brady at the Star:

One of the enduring images from the Jayhawks’ miracle march was Self falling to the floor after Davidson guard Jason Richards’ game-winning three-point attempt missed, clinching Self’s first Final Four.

Made me think of something Wells Black ’94 posted last week on The Davidson Project Facebook page: Interesting conversation yesterday. Totally unexpected. I was on the phone with an IT guy helping me update some software at my law office. We were on the phone together for a while, so it was inevitable that we would have some conversation outside the subject of the software he was helping me with. As we talked, he told me he had move to Raleigh in the summer of 2008 ... from Kansas, where he had grown up. I asked if he was a Jayhawk fan. He enthusiastically responded that he was a Jayhawk fan. I then told him that I graduated from Davidson. He then said, “Man, am I glad that guy missed that three pointer.” So we are not the only ones that remember “the shot.” Kansas fans do, too. It was “a moment” for them as well.

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Splinter Faction said...

What do you call a koan in picture form? Everytime I see that picture I spent a little time, sometimes more time, meditating on it. I go back and forth. Sometimes when I remember, say, the way Curry scored at the end of that WVa game, I tell myself he should have had the shot. Then other times I look at that picture, and say, well, he sure was open. It becomes a koan, I suppose, as you move toward deconstructing one's own reaction to it, rather than wringing one's hands over the x's and o's of what took place on the court.