Claire the other day:

December 1 2009 midnight watching Steph Curry playing in the NBA on the Union TV by the couches where I've seen him sit and feet away from where I congratulated him in the expectant chaos that was Selection Sunday 2008 and I knew I knew what could be but I didn't.

December 1 2006 7 pm I walked into the gym just down the cobblestone heard the pep band blaring for the first time felt some kind of energy hope celebration that I wanted to keep and saw a skinny kid swish orange beauties through the net and I had no idea no idea about anything.

No eloquence right now when fingers eyes head need sleep, just fact and time goes on and on and round and round and how do we get to where we go how do we become part of the stories that we tell over and over again?

Good questions.

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ClaireAsbury said...

I would like to add that about 20 minutes later, Mr. Austin Bell and I were watching the end of the 4th quarter. Steph with the ball at the top of the key, dribbling with about 20? 15? seconds on the clock.

Austin: Steph needs to launch a three and make it.

The words are out of his mouth. Steph launches a three. Steph makes it.