Tension and energy

More Claire:

I remembered 2 moments that were especially electric but I didn’t remember exactly when they happened, so I need to go back and watch them again. When Andrew scored to put us up 6, and when Bryant kept hitting the 3s. I didn't remember the point when Thomas scored (I think) and then almost immediately after took a charge. Hearing our crowd at those moments, and watching the camera pan over us, and watching the boys’ determination spill onto their faces -- it reminded me that they really were playing the game of their lives, and it brought back the INCREDIBLE tension and energy that was in the stands for that entire two hours -- something that I don’t think I can ever replicate in any other situation in my life. That noise from the TV, even dulled by the announcers and by the year between this day and that day, just pulled at something in my heart that has been there since that day.

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