Michael Lee:

When the Wizards met Curry in Chicago, he wowed them in the interview from what I hear. Curry is probably the most NBA ready of the three point guards at Verizon Center that are expected to go in the lottery. He seems grounded and has a great basketball IQ (At one point, Wizards Coach Flip Saunders shouted up toward Grunfeld and tapped his right temple, which I assumed was a signal that Curry was pretty smart. After all, the guy is still studying for his college degree at Davidson).

Dan Steinberg:

Curry has just one tattoo: the letters TCC and “-30-” on his wrist. TCC is a Davidson motto that stands for “Trust Commitment Care,” while 30 is Curry’s number. Of course, -30- also means the end of a newspaper story, which I guess Curry wasn’t referring to. He also said he would never become a tatted-up NBA star.

“I’d go home, my mom would slap me around,” he said. “Can’t do that.”

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