Destination: Golden State

Okay. Back from the Old Northeast Tavern.


The seventh pick of the 2009 NBA draft.

Merc: Curry can shoot, score, pass, defend. He can smile, talk, make for a nice (baby)face of the franchise.

Whatever you may think about the Warriors’ limitations up front, they just acquired the best shooter in the draft.

What does this mean for Monta Ellis?

Meanwhile ... in New York. News. Star-Ledger.

D’Antoni: disappointed. NYT.

O’C: Stephen Curry, whose father Dell played in the league for 16 seasons, was taken with the seventh pick by Golden State. The nation’s leading scorer last season as a junior at Davidson with a 28.6 average, Curry led the Wildcats within a game of the Final Four as a sophomore.

Wetzel: ... will immediately be one of the team’s most popular players. And on Knicks pick Jordan Hill: Knicks fans booed him for not being a skinny 6-3 guy from Davidson.

Howard-Cooper: ... an explosive scorer like Curry in Nellie’s up-tempo system will put up huge numbers.

Jip Richards’ status on Facebook: Can’t wait to get a “The City” Steph jersey!

Text from Claire: I am so proud of him.

Scott: Curry walked down a back hallway at Madison Square Garden on Thursday night following the draft, saying “Golden State, Golden State” softly.


blackink said...

Gotta think the Knicks are reeling from this. That's tough to get over.

I imagine they envisioned him as someone who would team up with LeBron in '10 and beyond. Think about how many open jumpers he would have gotten playing with LBJ.

Eh, not so sure about his future in Oakland. That's a tough place.

For his sake, I hope this is the start of a bright future for the Warriors.

MichaelKruse said...

So close.

But I think he'll find a way to make it work.