Voices on Stephen

David Aldridge on NBA.com:

Coming up fast is Davidson’s Curry, who played the point last season to show NBA types that he could after he spent two years mainly off the ball. His shot has never been in question; he has Reggie Miller-type range and he is Dell’s kid, after all.

Central Division scout:

“I was reading something where some guy said that Curry isn’t going to be as good as J.J. Redick. I’m thinking, has this guy seen Stephen Curry play? I haven’t seen that. I think he’s much more complete than J.J. Is he big time? I don’t know about that. But I think he’s going to be a real good player.”

College assistant:

“Redick is a little bit better shooter in college. Not much, but better. But Steph is a far better player. You take the rest of the game, it’s not even close. He defends. He lurks, like we used to accuse [Larry] Bird of doing, and he’d get three steals a game. His savvy defensively is far better than Redick. His ability to pass and create is far better. And Steph hasn’t seen single coverage in a long time. I saw some Devin Harris in him. He’s not Devin, but he’s not Chris Quinn, either. He can see. He’s not going to blow by you but he can get you on his hip, and he’s strong.”

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