New York New York

Everybody’s linking you to the Knicks. What’s the lure? That was one of the questions in an interview in the Sporting News Today e-mail in my inbox this morning. Blah, blah, blah.

Stephen always has answered this question by talking about the system and the Garden and the history.

I would also throw in another very important consideration. Stephen probably wouldn’t talk about it in public, because it might be a little too honest, but he’s been around the league and he’s no dumb-dumb: New York, obviously, is the biggest big city we’ve got, and it’s the media capital and it’s the advertising capital and it’s the attention capital, and Wardell Stephen Curry II, 21 years old, is a good-looking about-to-be lottery pick who mostly speaks in complete sentences. He has unprecedented crossover appeal in this draft and would in any draft -- read into that whatever you want to read into that -- and he’s going to make a ton of money off the court wherever he goes but he’ll make even more in Manhattan.

The Knicks?

Yes please.

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