And more Claire:

It ended SO FAST. I know I felt that in the stands, but the last seconds on TV seemed SO much faster than the last seconds in real life, easy-fast, like time didn’t care fast (well, it didn’t). But for me, a blurry vision of Jason standing at midcourt -- with the ball, without the ball, moving, not moving, clock or no clock, I have no clue -- is burned into my brain forever. And on TV, he just went for it, so fast because it had to be. And I had never seen him fall before, because I don’t think I really “saw” anything after that point. And they went back and showed the bench watching him shoot it (Rachel and I screamed in agony, WE DON'T WANT TO SEE THAT PAIN!) -- but I want to rewind and pause the tape before it missed because I wonder what their faces looked like then. I really wonder what MY face looked like then. I could barely tell watching it because their expressions changed so fast when it was done. And it was weird yesterday to think that up in the stands, 20-year-old me was standing there stunned and speechless and disbelieving and absolutely exhausted. About to get on a bus and drive for 14 hours, stopping at a gas station in Kentucky at 3 AM, getting back to campus 10 minutes before my class started. About to begin the rest of my life, and never a day done without thinking of 3/30/08 and what made 3/30/08 and what 3/30/08 made.

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