Up to the altar

From the book:

At this moment, when Rudell’s TV was paused in Washington, D.C., Davidson sophomore Wes Calton was up in the stands in Detroit, feeling the way he had felt right before he proposed to his girlfriend over Christmas break. Everything had led to this moment. The ring was in his pocket. All he had to do was reach down and pull it out. All he had to do was ask.

Say yes, he thought to himself in Detroit.

Those were the words running through his head.

Say yes.

Say yes.

Say yes.

Down closer to the court, Ashley Smith, Class of 2002, felt the way she had felt at Myers Park Presbyterian Church on May 8, 2004, after the bridesmaids had gone away, when it was just her and her father, and the music changed, and the wedding director opened the doors, and all that was left was to be surrounded by people she loved and to walk from the vestibule into the sanctuary, and down the aisle, and up to the altar.

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