The best shooters

Stan Olson’s seen a lot of them at the colleges around the Carolinas over the last 40 or so years. His top two? Both Davidson guys.

On No. 2 Stephen Curry:

Do yourself a favor and go see Curry play before he’s finished at Davidson. There are subtleties in his game that don’t translate as well on TV as they do when you’re in the arena. Watching him shoot is a treat in itself; the operation appears effortless. If ever they decide to remake “The Natural” as a basketball movie, Curry is the logical star. Consider that he has won the Southern Conference Player of the Week award six times this season, and 14 in his career. They should put his name on it and retire it. He leads the nation in scoring at 29.5, but I believe he could average 40 if he wanted to; he’s also in the top ten nationally in assists.

On No. 1 John Gerdy:

You had to see him to believe him, and not that many people did. Gerdy was pretty much the only weapon on several of the Wildcats’ poorer teams, but wound up the leading scorer in school history against defenses geared to stop him. That was without a three-point line, and long-range jumpers were his specialty.

After a sensational performance against South Carolina, Gamecocks coach Frank McGuire said simply that Gerdy was the best shooter he had ever seen. Gerdy almost personally upset then No.4-ranked Wake Forest by himself. The Deacons won on a last second shot, 70-68. Gerdy had 40 of those 68, on 18-of-24 shooting. Deacons coach Carl Tacy said, “We played a box-and-one on Gerdy. We should have played the box on Gerdy and the one on the rest of those guys.”

As far as I’m concerned, he was the best there ever was.

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