The morning after

1. I drove all those miles to watch McKillop-Matheny. The game made me watch Davidson-Elon. Good.

2. Eddie on the court after the game: “I’m 52 years old and that’s the best ending I’ve ever seen.”

3. About the last half of the second half, Matheny was using his left hand to swipe the sweat off his forehead and kept taking quick glances up at the scoreboard clock, and I thought: They’re gonna make him earn this.

4. They call it a Cowens, as in Dave Cowens, and here’s what it is: Make like you’re sprinting back on defense, fake it like you mean it, a couple hard, purposeful steps the other way -- then turn. Maybe the ball will be coming your way. McKillop after the game wanted to talk less about Steve’s shot and more about Steve’s Cowens.

5. Steve?


Did it feel like it was going in when it left your hand?

“To be honest,” he said, before heading to the bus back to the village, “I can’t say yes.”

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