Bryant and Buzzkill

Got a call today from Bryant Barr. He wants to hear from you.

The second year of Bryant-led Buzzkill is scheduled for May 2. He’d like to know what you’d like to see on the list of items for auction. Jerseys? Basketballs? Memorabilia? Autographed? By whom? Last year he raised more than $16,000 for nets to help fight malaria in Africa. This year he’s shooting for $20,000.

Bryant’s getting married in July. He’s got a job lined up already and will be working as an actuarial consultant for Mercer in Chicago. It’s what he wants to do and it’s where he wants to be.

He said it over and over on Monday, so fortunate, so blessed, and the fact that he plays on the basketball team gives him a platform, and that platform gives him a chance to give back.

Whenever I talk to Bryant, I’m reminded that I’m glad he’s a student at my school, and today we talked for a while about how it’s hard to believe his time at Davidson is almost over.

I don’t think it’s untrue or unfair to say that the high point of his basketball life came two years ago in March. But taking into account everything it means to be a full participant of his place -- basketball, academics, life on campus and in the community -- “every year I’ve spent here has been better than the year before,” he said. “It’s been a hundred times better than what I expected.”

“If I had to do it all over again,” he said, “I’d choose Davidson again in a second.”

Post your ideas for items for auction at Buzzkill here or over on DavidsonCats.com.


Chris Dunn said...

As you suggested, golf with Stephen.
Junior Ballboy, Junior Photographer during a game at Belk.
Bench Seat for a game at Belk.
A 2010 Autographed Nike Black Jersey.

MichaelKruse said...

From Bro in Texas: Got an idea. Two red seats. People would bid on that in a heartbeat. Get to the top of the waiting list.