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When a recruit goes to Davidson to play pickup on summer evenings at Belk, and when he sees the incoming basketball freshmen already on campus because it’s where they want to be, and when he sees program alums who graduated three years ago, four years ago, seven years ago, 10 years ago -- guys who play in Europe, guys who make their livings doing that, guys who are pros, and guys who still come back to their alma mater every summer because it’s where they want to be -- and then when he sees the program’s most visible face come back to run and work, even though he’s a Golden State Warrior now, even though he has millions of NBA dollars now, because it’s where he wants to be ...


Claire said...

The story continues.
More more more.

KAO '71 said...

This band of brothers exists within an unique living environment - the DC greater community:The School itself - students, faculty, staff, plus alums, family members and friends, as well as the Piedmont region.
Because of this life long affiliation, I am sure that were I to walk on the Belk floor anytime this summer, I
would be welcomed in any pick-up game of pros, prospects and current players. Once a Wildcat,
always a member of the Den. KAO '71